CostOfChildCare.Org is designed to help advocates and policymakers with understanding the benefits of a high-quality child care system that supports parents, early educators, and young children. The website is also designed to provide a concrete way to show support and take action for better child care policies. Please find a list of helpful resources and an FAQ on the interactive.
Read CAP’s full report to explore data and learn more about the key components of a high-quality child care center and home. Click here to read through the FAQs.
Read the joint report from eight of the country’s leading labor, policy, and advocacy organizations calling on policymakers to prioritize and fix America’s broken child care system.
Understand how child care’s current primary source of federal funding, the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG), serves the workforce and children and families with low incomes. Learn how that currently affects your state.
Researchers from the National Women’s Law Center and Columbia University find that universal child care could boost women’s lifetime earnings by $130 billion and ensure more stable retirement options.
The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated a decades-old crisis: Though vital for working parents, child care is underfunded and outrageously expensive for most American families. Access to quality care is unattainable for more than 2 million parents a year. Pledge your support for child care funding today.
This interactive is an updated version of the “Where Does Your Child Care Dollar Go?” interactive, released by CAP in 2018. To access the original interactive, click here.